Color and Trim
1 year

We are looking for a Design Quality Specialist, that has around 5-7 years experienced in the automotive industry and manufacturing processes that is interested in working in a dynamic Design Studio responsible for all of our clients business areas.
Perform Appearance Approval assessment on individual component and component systems such as seats, grills, HMI, Instrument Panel, Mirrors etc.
Perform ocular inspections of the un-grained “first out of tool” parts from the supplier and inspect tools if needed.    Sign and approve “Go ahead to grain”.
Secure that all visual parts fulfill the colour, grain, gloss, light intensity and haptic according to client’s requirements such as masters and TR.
You should have also good computer and admin skills, proficient in MS Office products, word, excel, and PPT.
Certificate of passed visual colour test required
You are proficient in digital communication, Teams, O365 and have good communication skills in English orally and written.
You will be part of a multi-disciplinary Design team situated in the client’s Gothenburg  Studio.


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Janet Noyes

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