10 months

Lead and plan the modelling and manufacturing of physical models.
Participate in Project and Design meetings both in-house and at suppliers (see detailed points below).
• Lead, plan and co-ordinate modelling activities and manufacturing of physical models, this
includes CMF properties, clay models, verification models, clinic models, ergo bucks, UX rigs, hard models,
additive manufacturing parts.
• Liaise and plan workflow with model and fabrication teams (geometry, 3d print, milling, clay/hard modelling,
trimming and paint.)
• Be responsible and accountable for the delivery of physical properties in agreed time and to the correct quality
and scope.
• Source and initiate purchasing of models and parts, managing suppliers and securing delivery.
• Participate in reviews and presentations both in-house and at the supplier’s business premises.
• Follow up with suppliers and internal teams regarding timing and quality issues.
• Support and represent model and fabrication teams in project meetings, collect and feedback information.
• Control and co-ordinate technical input for models and parts including cv spec.
• Create structured BOM lists.
• Ability to handle and process Cad data using Catia.
• Deep knowledge of modelling processes, material selection, model fabrication processes and assembly.
• A genuine interest in new studio technology and willingness to learn new ways of working.
• Good ability to lead and plan with model and fabrication manufacturing teams.
• Passion for product design development and the ability to support change.
• Fluent in English with the confidence to communicate efficiently and effectively
• OEM design studio experience.
Personal attributes:
Good Communication Skills, Honest, Technically Competent, Good Work Ethic, Flexible, Determined and
Persistent, Team Collaborative, Willing to Share and Learn new methods, Problem Solver.

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Janet Noyes

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