United Kingdom
2 months
  • Studio Engineering TECHNICAL SPECIALIST
  • Provide studio engineering support from initial concept design through manufacturing feasibility to prototype development and into volume production and vehicle launch.
  • EXPERT Knowledge required in the areas of Studio Engineering and Design support, incl. Class A surfacing, BIW and Trim (interior and exterior) design and development
  • Analyzing daily package and feasibility issues with Design, Clay / Digital Modelling and engineering teams and proposing world-class solutions
  • MANAGING Surface and Design reviews to highlight and clarify areas of concern, and also to propose appropriate solutions
  • Support the VCIM (Vehicle Concepts Integration Meeting) process
  • Participation in aerodynamic reviews / other technical & functional reviews.
  • Preparing technical proposals, vehicle overlays, comparison sections, data sheets, screenshots and power points to present at design reviews.
  • Interpreting legislative requirements such as vision angles / zones, etc. to ensure compliance by the Design Surface Models.
  • Verifying data and distributing between Engineering, Modelling, Manufacturing and Suppliers
  • Performing Formal Data Release into database and distribution of release notes
  • Assist core engineering team with the development of the Master Sections Book
  • Attending meetings with manufacturers of both interior and exterior model stacks to resolve on-going issues in a time-effective way
  • Checking incoming data to confirm feasibility and compatibility with design intent
  • Co-ordination and facilitation of multiple cross-functional teams and studio engineers to resolve issues
  • Support of issues management process and Design feasibility check FC process.


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Janet Noyes

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