CORE BUSINESS - DIGITAL DESIGN - Since 1985 at Technicon Design, digital design specialists have made up the majority of our staff. Throughout that time, our Design Teams’ creative and technical skills and experience have delivered consistently accurate 3D surface data, high-end CGI, digital presentation and digital engineering data.

ADDED VALUE FOR REAL PRODUCTS - Our digital design skills and processes can create a better, more desirable product more efficiently. Advanced , proven state-of-the-art digital technology speeds up design concept and development processes, helping you arrive at a higher quality result faster.

ENHANCED PRODUCT DEFINITION - Our creative and technical skills and the experience of our Design Teams result in the production of accurate 3D data and imaging to allow faster project evaluations and enhanced product definition.

DIGITAL MODELS - Technicon Design combines unrivalled digital equipment and operational skills to produce seamless 3D digital data for:

- quick implementation of changes for faster communication of results.

- improved interface between design and engineering processes, facilitating high quality decisions in a significantly reduced time frame.

SURFACING Class-A - Technicon Design excels in delivering the essential surfacing process necessary for a quality end product with flawless finish.

Our staff’s experience, vivid 3D imagination and a broad knowledge of production methods combines with the best surfacing software to produce optimum results.

CONCEPT Modelling - Technicon sees the concept modelling process as an extensive communication phase between styling and engineering. Our focus is the development of surfaces that transform the emotions, style and proportions of the design ideas into dynamic shapes and forms that are completely compatible with our client’s production methods.

POLYGON Modelling - is a process we offer upfront with subsequent NURBS modelling, allowing us to be either quick and flexible or precise and careful as the need arises.

VR IMAGING - This is a specialist service aimed at our clients’ marketing and communication departments. To product developers and decision makers.

For product development and design evaluation purposes we provide early sets of exact high definition, photo-realistic imagery and art work as stills and animations.

We support the color and trim and material development with digital visualization work to give guidance to the developing engineers and craftsmen to mach desired styles, colors and material structures.