Our STUDIO ENGINEERS work in a team along with C&T, interior and exterior designers. They communicate with BIW, feasibility engineers, etc. and vehicle integration specialists to create the 100% feasible data necessary for prototyping and production of show car or product parts.

Managing and undergoing Ergonomic studies, FE analysis and craftsmanship issues, our design engineers become responsible for the connection between product, user and environment.

DESIGN ENGINEERING - Technicon Design offers design engineering development services, integrating components data and assembly processes via industry standard digital software. Partnerships with specialist companies mean we can respond to client briefs for the development and completion of any project required.

PROTOTYPING - At Technicon Design, we take real pride in producing nothing less than " Class-A" prototypes. To synthesising all our previous work into a prototype we employ intensive managerial processes, first-class tooling and methodology, expert operational skills and a focus on right-first-time quality achievement. The result of these combined efforts is prototypes of an unsurpassed precision and finish.