COLLABORATIVE STUDIO SERVICES - At Technicon, collaboration is key, allowing us to offer a production process as streamlined as the products we design. By bundling varied skillsets within our company and working collaboratively across these in-house specializations, we deliver project resource unparalleled for flexibility, speed and scalability. And it’s all managed for you by a dedicated local contact.

Our specialisations cover digital design, VR imaging, animation and training, rapid prototyping, studio engineering and milling services. Linked across our creative centers, these represent a cutting-edge integrated global resource for the transportation, product and entertainment design industries.

It’s a methodology we describe as ‘design without boundaries.’

It means our experienced hybrid modeling staff can accommodate projects from inception through to realization, guaranteeing the same consistent quality throughout the process, anywhere in our global network.

And our collaborative ethos extends to the way we work with clients. The whole process will be managed for you by your dedicated Technicon contact, using web conferencing with screen casting capabilities where necessary to reduce the need for on-site support.

DATA PROTECTION - Protection of client data is of paramount importance to Technicon. Currently, we use a Virtual Private Network along with network group restriction access to folders and client specific OFTP sites. All our data protection can be adapted to suit the client’s specific requirements

EXAMPLES - Hanomag project, Kolb Sudioline milling machine.