FRANCE - Studio Elancourt - The French studio is situated just south-west of Paris. The key phrases for the team in France are diversity, versatility and reactivity.

Our purpose-designed offices house the design and modeling teams that undertake client projects across the entire spectrum of transport design. We specialize in design creation, 3D modelling, visualization and animation. Complementing these services we also place experienced professionals directly at our clients’ sites and operate an in-house training facility for both client and internal training sessions.

GERMANY - Studio Munich - This is where the magic of styling happens. Our experienced designers work to transform the core idea into the finished product, respecting all specific criteria dictated by the production methods without losing the vision and excitement of the core idea.

CHINA – Studio Shanghai - The automotive design competence centre for the Asia Pacific region.

Our Chinese and international specialist delivers total project competence in Pre Development, Design, Surfacing, Engineering and Project-management.

USA - Mission Viejo - Our Californian studio blends technology and creativity to offer a cutting edge resource for the transportation, product and entertainment design industries. Digital Design, VR imaging, animation and training are the core products, but through Technicon’s network of collaborative partners we also offer rapid prototyping, studio engineering and milling services.

GERMANY - Studio Cologne - Genuine shapes, style and full service design solutions from Technicon´s newest studio location in Germany.

This is the home of Technicon´s Academy Services the TD group´s Brand Design department and Germanys main recruitment contact point.

With our staff’s unique skill set we provide 3D surface creation from concept to Class-A, plus CGI production and animation services to our internal and external clients.