GENERAL - Our Mission Statement expresses our philosophy, goals and ambitions and is regularly updated by our company administration to continuously improve quality and ensure the highest ethical standards.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - In all areas of our work, our primary objective is customer satisfaction. We deliver that by offering the greatest possible professional competence and quality of service and maintaining active, open dialogue with our customers.

NON-DISCRIMINATION - Technicon Design respects and values all our staff and clients regardless of religious and political views, skin colour, gender and country of origin. Cooperative interaction and mutual respect are our guiding principles.

OUR CUSTOMERS - Technicon Design offers services to customers worldwide, aimed at the global product development market.

TASKS AND OBJECTIVES - In recent years, the importance of digital design development and model making for automotive, industrial and MMI design has increased significantly. In this broad field of design services there is intense demand for the highest standards and qualifications. Our objective is to provide this level of quality to all our clients and participants.

COMMITMENT - Our Mission Statement is binding. All staff members commit themselves to act and to communicate in accordance with it.