Recruitment Services

DESIGN SPECIALISED - We are a leading global specialist Design Agency, providing bespoke talent management solutions for the international automotive industry.

ACCREDITED KNOW-HOW - We have over 30 years of international market experience and industry knowledge, working with all the automotive design field’s leading pioneers and visionaries. Throughout our company history, we have been constantly at the forefront of innovate change and industry trends, always working to the ISO9001:2008 accreditation service standards and regulation best practice procedures.

GLOBAL REACH - With several international offices, design studios and local networks, we have access to an extensive and evolving database of automotive specialists from all corners of the globe. These are managed and developed by experienced consultants, trainers and mentors, all with in-depth know-how in servicing major blue-chip clients and maintaining long-term senior-level relationships. We have an industry approved track record of successfully supplying the best talent available to the top international leading automotive brands in the following areas:

  • Conceptual/Innovation Design Leaders
  • Digital specialists and Modellers
  • 3D Visualisation Experts
  • Class A Surfacing Specialists
  • Physical Modellers and Finishers
  • Specialist Craftsmen
  • Packaging Design Engineers
  • BIW Design Engineers
  • Studio Managers/Engineers
  • Project & Programme Managers


LOCAL INTEGRATION - Technicon’s success has come from strong, long-term relationships with our clients and local services and networks in place for our workforce wherever they are in the world.

We approach every individual requirement with the care, time and consideration it deserves, matching not just skills and experience, but personality and ambition. In each location, we seek to build the perfect design teams for our clients, teams with an in-depth understanding of their needs, the market they operate in, their company culture and working environment, and, of course, an up-to-date, working knowledge of all their design projects.

Our core range of services also provides organisational structure and international advice for Visa regulations, Work Permissions, Tax Registration, Compliant Insurance Cover and any other initial necessary processes at respective local authorities. We also fully cover Payroll, Accounts, Tax and National Insurance/Social Security payments and provide full account management services to ensure that every single employee, partner or associate is fully covered and working effectively while still totally compliant and protected under local and international employment legislations.

For Germany Technicon Design holds a permanent Labour Leasing Licence issued by the German Federal Employment Agency and is compliant with the Collective Agreements for the temporary work industry concluded between the employees’ association iGZ and the DGB member unions.

Our offering is designed to supply proposals and verified contacts for accommodation, as well as social activities in the periphery of the working environment, making the transition easy and smooth and ensuring a welcoming start for our personnel anywhere in the world.