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Academy Statement

In recent years, the importance of digital form design and model-making for automotive and industrial design processes has increased significantly. This has created a demand for high standards and qualifications in the use of digital design tools. We meet and drive development of those standards through the excellence of our Academy Services.

Our Customers

Technicon Design Academy offers design software training world-wide. Programmes are aimed at the global design community, particularly automotive and product designers as well as design engineers.


We ensure that we maintain the curriculum to the highest level possible by constantly investigating new courses, training materials and strategies and training new and current staff in the latest developments. All Academy processes are underpinned by a quality management process similar to ISO 9001.


We provide our students with the software qualifications in the software programmes they need to give them a significant competitive advantage in their careers as automotive, industrial and product designers.


Since 2007 Technicon Design has been an Autodesk Authorized Training Center.

Venue Courses

Technicon Design venue software training courses can take place in our locations in the UK, USA, France and Germany. The home of the Technicon Design Academy services is the Technicon Design studio Cologne.






Academy Courses

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Upcoming Courses in Germany:

Beginners Training (ABT)
Provides the attendees with the essential know-how to get familiar to the Alias working environment and basic work flows.

Advanced Concept Modelling (ACM)
Enables the attendees to take their design ideas from first concept and sketch into real 3D data of the virtual space of Alias Studio.

Class A surfacing (CAS)
Created for advanced Alias users with a minimum of Alias level 3 knowledge who regularly use Alias for product development or visualisation purposes.

Surfacing software transition (SST)
Generated by Technicon Designs multi system users with daily hands-on experience in Class-A projects.

Alias Surfacing for Clay Modellers (GAS)
Teaches experienced clay modellers how to use Autodesk Surfacing software to enable them to transfer their knowledge of shaping car exteriors and interiors into digital surfacing.

Automotive Polygon Modelling with Maya (APM)
Aimed at designers from the automotive and industrial design industry, who wants to enrich their skills in the concept modelling process.

Alias Fundamentals for Maya Modellers (AFM)
This workshop is mandatory all for Maya Modellers who want to grow their career into the field of Automotive Design.

VRED Basics for Automotive Visualisation (VBA)
Get to know essential workflows to deliver high quality results with Autodesk VRED.

Parametric Design and Modelling for Automotive Design using Grasshopper + Rhino (PDM)
Training in Parametric and Algorithmic Design applied to the Automotive Design Process.