VREDDY is an iOS application for remote controlling Autodesk® VRED®. It provides you with all the tools necessary for presenting 3D models in Autodesk® VRED® without having to use the mouse or keyboard. VREDDY runs on both, iPhone and iPad.



Trackpad Camera Control
Control your Autodesk® VRED® scene with the gestures you are already familiar with: One finger drag to rotate the currently selected camera, two finger drag to move the camera in X/Y space and two finger pinch to move the camera in Z space.
And when you are pleased with the current view: Save it as a viewpoint to Autodesk®VRED®!


Gyro Sensor Control

With enabling the sensor module it feels like having the 3D model in your hands. The rotation and roll / pitch of your device are instantly reflected in your Autodesk®VRED® scene. You can decide which camera position to start with and whether you want the camera to stay above the surface.


Viewpoints and Variants Manager

Managing and triggering variant sets and viewpoints has never been that easy. Simply create them from scratch in our app or load them from your Autodesk® VRED® scene in a split second*.
*Python script required: Get it for free by filling out the form below!

Download VREDDY now and start presenting your Autodesk® VRED® scene in a better way.

Advanced Functions

VREDDY is designed to work out of the box. As long as the prerequisites are met, there is nothing more to do than just to start the app and control your scene. There is one function though, for which a custom Python script has to be pasted to the VRED® scripts: Loading all variant sets and viewpoints from the current scene. We provide you with the code free of any additional charge.

Just register your name as well as your email address and we will send the script and installation instructions

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the following questions and answers about our app doesn’t address your query then please contact us here.

Does the application work with the standard edition of Autodesk® VRED®?
No, it does not, and probably never will, since it triggers commands provided by the VRED® webserver, which is available only with the VRED® Design and VRED® Pro edition.

I can't establish a connection to Autodesk® VRED®. What should I do?
First, make sure, that your machine running Autodesk® VRED® and the device you are running VREDDY on are in the same network. You should then enable the VRED webserver and uncheck the "allow local connections only" checkbox. If running a firewall, please make sure, that the port used by the webserver (default is 8888) is not blocked by your firewall. These steps should enable you to get the remote up and running in a few minutes.

The operation using the trackpad or sensor is stuttering. What can I do?
The smoothness of the operation depends greatly on the quality of your wireless network. Please make sure, that both the mobile device as well as the machine running Autodesk® VRED® have a good connection quality to the same network.

I cannot load the variants stored in my Autodesk® VRED® scene.
Since this is an advanced feature, you need an additional Python script. You can request it by filling out the form on top of the FAQ section.