With head-mounted displays (HMD) it is possible to project real, high-quality stereoscopic 3D representations directly onto the user’s field of view. Using laser tracking and gyroscopic calculations, the HMD’s positions are measured and simultaneously transferred to the camera position of the real-time rendering system. Hence, each head movement affects the HMD image and the users get a real-time 360° view of the virtual space, enabling them to look around, move through the space and review the objects within it in real size and in realistic appearance. fRen VR additionally can be supported by real objects that the user can feel. In case of a car interior it´s at least the seat and the steering wheel. This is to close the gap between virtual view and the related haptic feedback the human mind is expecting. Thus, fRen VR creates an extremely comfortable level of immersion with exceptional visual quality for our customers.


As a full-service VR solution, we work out, install, setup and administer complete working VR experience environments who are tailored to your needs and optimised for your use cases. Our off and on-site data preparation and optimisation services for fluent VR usage with VRED guaranties the highest performance possible for your VR sessions.


Based on the principles of user centred design we develop, VR interfaces, tools and connectivity to suite your VR goals. We integrate them as digital tools into your preferred rendering engine and as physical entities into your VR setup. (UI´s, tools, hardware components, configurators, positioning devices, live object tracking etc.)


As full service VR showcase support we provide the complete scope of services for your VR events.Out of one hand we offer story development, ceremony design and data preparation plus the provision of qualified operational staff alongside with VR hard and software for your events. We develop VR content and story’s, handle temporary installations and run immersive VR presentations at your request. This is including optimization and file configuration for efficient VR sessions. As a global service, we offer long distance VR conference and presentation services simultaneously at different location but unified in one Virtual space.


  • Tailored on demand HDRI and backplate development services for automotive and product design
  • User ready 3D environment models
  • Seating Buck design and development
  • HMD and tracking system distribution
  • VR Data preparation training (VRED)
  • VR setup training.

For more information please contact us at cologne@technicondesign.com