Colour & Trim department is a consultancy which provides creative solutions in order to achieve clients objectives, style and vision. Colour and material plays a central role in creation of product identity and in raising a brand perception. The selection of the right material, colour and surface treatment is an effective tool to achieve high product quality. The aim is to create visual and haptic surfaces which correspond to expected emotions, desires and associations. A fascination for innovation leads to new design solutions for future products.


We are in constant contact with our project partners and diverse suppliers to develop and design innovative solutions for different materials, surface effects and colour pigments. We explore a product surface enhancement through versatile materials, rich colours and various textures, patterns and graphics. We mix those materials and colours to create unique customized design solutions. We create mood-boards and prepare material samples. When it comes to an industrial implementation, it is vital to choose the right manufacturing process and an optimal colour matching.

Our enthusiastic designers work on a variety of projects that provide a maximum of visual and tactile impact and inspiration. For research purposes we regularly visit the most important European trade fairs to be aware of current trends, new materials and innovative technologies. We work on both, aesthetics and function, to develop colour and material designs for automotive and product design field.


Technicon Design in Munich has its own Colour&Trim Design Department. Here we have a material library which consists of versatile textile, leather, wood, metal, glass, plastic and other material samples - and we are adding there even more materials each week. The Colour&Trim process is supported by high end visualisations for discussion, evaluation and communication with our customers. In our Color&Trim department we have a custom made textile scanner developed by our own team. This scanner enables us to create more precise digital data of our materials for our clients to receive an even more accurate impression of the final product.